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Bulwark strives towards innovation and technology, which is why we boast of having the largest seismic data processing center in Nigeria, where we use advanced algorithms with robust workflows for projects to guarantee client's satisfaction.

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High Power Computing with a Reliable and Robust Storage

Computing Capacity?

Our highly efficient and scalable data center with a processing capacity of over 17 teraflops can handle just about any client's requirement.

Working with Large Data?

With our 1758.8 TB (1.76 PB) raw Disk space, we can in real-time increase storage for any project as data requirement increases.

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wiBand and Advanced Seismic Imaging Services

WiBand Deghosting - Innovative Broadband technology.

WiBand de-ghosting and processing tackles both the source and receiver ghosts to recover the full spectrum of towed streamer data with effectiveness approaching an acquisition solution, but at a far lower cost.

Advanced Seismic Imaging

Bulwark goes beyond conventional seismic processing by providing advanced imaging services such as; Kirchoff Solutions, Full waves-form Inversion (FWI), Reverse Time Migration, Velocity Model etc.

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DeltaSPAN - Revealing new prospects on a region-scale in the Niger Delta.

Key Components

  • Pre-stack time (PreSTM) and pre-stack depth (PreSDM) imaging using specially designed velocity analysis techniques, long offsets and 18-second record length.
  • Spectacular imaging of the counter-regional faults, various akata shale provinces and comprehensive understanding of the structural styles of the Niger Delta.


  • Navigation merged shot records (in SEGY)
  • Post-processed Kirchoff PreSDM stack (in SEGY)
  • Final depth interval velocity model
  • Final PreSTM gathers, stack and velocity model (in SEGY)
  • Structural and stratigraphic interpretation
  • Final acquisition, processing and interpretation reports.
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