Bulwark Services Limited a specialized and leading geoscience company that provides a range of services to the NIgerian oil and gas industry for exploration, development and production projects, has won the Business Initiative Directions(BID), Century International Quality ERA (CQE) award, the first Nigerian company in the sector to win the prestigious award. On the basis of CQE regulations and the criteria of the total quality management (TQM) model, Bulwark services limited was designated by the century international quality ERA committee to receive the CQE award in the Gold category in Geneva, in March, 2013.

The companies and organizations to be awarded in 2013 have been designated by the CQE selection committee as distinguished local and national leaders, or large corporations, all of which demonstrate excellence, increased market share, leadership, improved results as well as sustainability within their sector. Bulwark offers various services to Nigeria’s oil and gas sector including seismic reconstruction, mapping, information technology, geographical information systems (GIS) and database development and management.

Managing Director/CEO, Bulwark Services, Lucky Awobasivwe, describes the award as fulfilling and deserving. "It is basically for me an award to Nigerian and the Niger Deltans in particular. It is a proof of hard work for somebody from the Niger Delta to be considered for such a high profile award and we will consolidate on the work we have been doing to further put Nigeria's image positively on global map," Awobasivwe.

In December 2012, the company announced major innovative technological approaches to pre-condition and image seismic data for improved interpretation and minimized hydrocarbon exploration risk.

The innovation includes the WiB and TM: This tool delivers superior high resolution images that interpreters can use to help the E & P companies make more accurate and reliable decisions. WiBand processing technology uniquely tackles both the source and receiver ghosts to recover the full spectrum in data acquired using conventional towed streamers, delivering increased structural and stratigraphic detail and the potential for advanced processing techniques utilizing the enhanced low frequencies.

Awobasivwe, commented, "The unique combination of algorithms and work-flows offered by WiBand processing will allow our clients to get broad bandwidth results from conventional streamer data in the Nigerian environment. This has traditionally been a very difficult problem for which we have now developed a solution. WiBand offers a tremendous opportunity to improve image quality during reprocessing of legacy data or by application to new acquisition." Bulwark Services Limited is a 100 percent indigenous Nigerian company based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

BID is the leading private organization worldwide in spreading quality culture through the quality mix plan and the international BID award for quality.