Seismic Vectorization/Reconstruction

2D Seismic Vectorization

Bulwark Services Limited has vast experience in reconstructing the full original 2D seismic waveform from stacked and/or migrated seismic sections in sepia or paper copies, while still maintaining the full dynamic range of the seismic data. We output the digitized seismic data into SEG-Y or other industry standard formats.

The input to the reconstruction process is a scanned image of the seismic section in TIF, GIF or JPEG format. The client could provide the input, or we could be required to scan the seismic sections into any of these formats before the reconstruction.

After reconstruction of the seismic waveform, we would, if required, populate the seismic data with navigation information before conversion to SEG-Y. The client may supply the X and Y values for the header population, or we may be required to digitize the navigation information from seismic line maps and then load them to the seismic data.

Bulwark Services Limited has executed a number of 2D seismic vectorization projects for the Nigerian E & P majors, as well as some majors in the west African sub-region.


               Original seismic section (tiff)                                           Section (seg-y) after reconstruction
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